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And the barber and the sweat and the smell

Originally, the launch and of this site, in the events that led to the shampoo Kids video produced,This year's spring around, there was a bullying problem in entering the information from the elementary school officials.

And, one of the reasons is the smell of the head.

I would like to explain across the smell of the scalp in two weeks.

This time in which, I would like to explain the role and nature of the sebum.

And not just bullying, of this site administrator I also I heard,In particular, those who are better Ya entered contained in generation is said to my father,And contains some of the young women to come out also the case recently, "body odor",Please have a look.

Barber and sebum and the site

Says the oil out of the skin of humans and sebum.

This sebum is not is not coming out of all of the pores, it is secreted from the place where many are said to sebaceous glands <⇒and the barber and pores and structure>.

The amount is location and constitution, with mixed reviews by age, it is and individual differences of body odor, will be the generation odor.

Some of it out along with the sebum, sweat secretion (although there are exceptions) is so much not smell, will occur when the most of the cause of the smell sebum has been degraded by bacteria.

And, in the odor emitted from the animals there is a thing called pheromones, but have been secreted originally to human beings also the reproductive activities, "receptor is gone," "has not been in the first place secretion", " effect there is a variety of opinion, such as there is a scientific basis "to, not yet settled with.

In this case where the pheromone is out is what is said to be another of the apocrine glands and sebaceous glands this sebum comes out.

Its distribution is located as well as the sebaceous glands to grow easy location of body hair or hair, generally depth and testosterone <⇒and the barber and thinning hair and lifestyle> of body hair there is a quantity and deep involvement.

Sweat that is secreted from where it is said that this apocrine glands also have body odor and involved, but I will this time to talk about sebum, which is secreted from the sebaceous glands.


And the barber, and sebum and component

As a general component of sebum,

- Triglyceride (60%)

- Squalene (10%)

- Cholesterol (1.5%)

- Cholesterol ester (2.5%)

- Wax ester (22%)

- And other (4%)

there is.

Among this, it called triglycerides, so-called oil is heavily involved in smell.


And the barber, and sebum and triglyceride

This is a blood-derived, have been thought to be influenced to those eaten. <⇒ Nagoya Women's University repository>.

The secreted oil, and being broken down into fatty acids by indigenous bacteria that live on the skin <⇒and barber and micro-organisms and flora>, it will be peroxidation by oxygen and ultraviolet light.

Normal flora of the skin, do we decompose the triglyceride to any fatty acids?

It is a fatty acid that is the source of the smell that short-chain fatty acids.


And the barber, short-chain fatty acids and the smell

Short-chain fatty acid is the smell.

When is a place familiar, personally, but also is a food you like is, "natto", "surströmming", such as "blue cheese" has been referred to as the "lazy odor" in this kind of smell.

Of course, as in the words that came from the "lazy person of smell," "smell out to people to lazy", smell like me father of the foot is also this short-chain fatty acids.

However, short-chain fatty acid is not the only smell.

It might smell on the skin, but it is a very important role in a different location.


And the barber, and the 2-nonenal and odor

This site administrator earlier, I had been working for a company called , by the company's Shiseido Research Center at that time, it shall be deemed to be replaced substance has been discovered.

Is a component of 2-nonenal.

The 2-nonenal be made by short-chain fatty acids are peroxide, it has become a source of odor.

While many of the concentration of body odor component is the effect on the age it is small, in the middle-aged and elderly have found that there is a tendency that the concentration of 2-nonenal is increased most significantly.

However, this 2-nonenal is made from short chain fatty acids, short chain fatty acids on the skin is made from sebum.

In other words, children and adults, is the thing that prevented by a firm care.


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